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Shot by Escamilla

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Bang and Burn

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Davi Jay

Papo is Lechero's man inside Sona. Not much is known about him, except he's one of Lechero's lieutenants. He was only seen standing idly by with Lechero. Papo was killed by Colonel Escamilla when he thought he was trying to break out of prison.


Season 3Edit




  • Papo along with Cheo and Nieves have one or two lines in the last episode they appear (besides Papo's body), not counting Sammy, who had at least 1 line mostly every episode of season 3.
  • There was no reason for Escamilla to think that Papo escaped. Sammy was in the same cell, so he could killed them both. However, Papo was killed, so that Sammy Norino could take over Sona and finding Michael Scofield. This was done by the writers of that episode.
    • Ironically enough, Sammy said that Michael was responsible for the death of Papo, while in fact it was Mahone was the one who came up with the plan. However, Michael was the reason why Mahone came in Sona.
  • Since Cheo was killed, Escamilla had thought who could have been breaking out: either Sammy or Papo. He did choose for Papo, because he didn't react back.
  • He is the only gang member of Lechero's gang who kills someone on-screen: Wyatt (besides Sammy).
  • He's the only member of Lechero's gang, who has his own gang: Papo's gang, although briefly.
  • Papo is the only member of Lechero's gang not to be killed by a main character.
  • Papo is the first character who has been given the death penalty. The second person is General Jonathan Krantz.
    • Ironically, after Papo's death, Krantz made his only appearance during season 3 episode Bang and Burn, which was the last appearance of Papo.
  • Papo is the only member of Lechero's gang not to have been a "mastermind" for some reason. Cheo was "betraying" Lechero for Augusto's cigars, Juan Nieves was using drugs and Lechero told him to stop with it and Sammy Norino was betraying him to put him out of his house.
    • However, Papo, Cheo and Sammy had a talk in the hallway, it's plausible that they were masterminding against Lechero or either T-Bag. It's also unplausible since only Sammy hated T-Bag and Cheo and T-Bag had a laugh in Lechero's cell.

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