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Bolshoi Booze

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José Zúñiga

Pedro Ramos als known as Coyote (to the audience) is the man in the episode 'Bolshoi Booze' who has an arrangement with Michael Scofield for a plane to fly them into Mexico.


  • Unnamed brother - Brother
  • Unnamed brother - Brother
  • Unnamed brother - Brother
  • Unnamed brother - Brother
  • Ernesto - Cousin
  • Carlos - Cousin


Season 2

Michael made a deal with Pedro: 32 tubes of Nitro-glycerine in exchange for the location/time of a plane which will take him to the Mexican Border at the co-ordinates 32°00'9"N 104°57' 09"W. Michael was unable to retrieve the box of Nitro-glycerine since the FBI intercepted him so he risked fooling Coyote with fishing bait. During a conversation, Michael finds out Coyote is a bandit who has 2 drug smuggling charges from the U.S and Mexico, so he can't turn Michael in without being apprehended.

Pedro bleeds to death, but does get help by Michael.

Pedro caught Michael out when the tubes turned out to be sugar water, angry - he held Michael at gunpoint. Sucre arrived on time and saved Michael by shooting Pedro in the arm.

Pedro's cousins had no choice but to take him to a hospital, Pedro tried to make a deal with Mahone to drop his drug smuggling charges in exchange for the location of Michael Scofield which Mahone agreed to. Pedro ignoranlty raised his claim for Citizenship or the deals off. Annoyed, Mahone tore of his Pacemaker and broke apart his morphine supply, Pedro was last seen suffering from Cardiac arrest. He probably died afterwards, but his fate is never revealed.


Season 2

Expanded universe


  • Pedro Ramos could have been killed off-screen by Mahone, and that's why he closed the door according to a user. However, another user thinks his fate is unknown, because it's unknown what happened to him - he could be alive or deceased.
  • Pedro Ramos name was revealed in Prison Break - The Classified FBI Files.
  • Pedro has only met Michael, Sucre and Mahone.
  • Pedro would be the first victim of Sucre (although off-screen) and thus his first off-screen kill at all, if he indeed is killed.
  • Pedro was shot by Sucre, which cost him to be brought to go to a hospital and possibly killed by Mahone.

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