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Pobeg is the Russian remake of Prison Break, produced by Channel One. For now, there has been produced one season (counting 22 episodes), and second season is filming (source?). This adaptation uses a lot of the features of the original series, some scenes and dialogue are copied completely, but also introduces new storylines and characters which reflects the Russian reality.


Pobeg was produced by Konstantin Ernst and Denis Evstigneev. Starring Yuri Chursin, Vladimir Yepifantsev, Yekaterina Klimova, and others. In the story, in Russia lifted a moratorium on the death penalty. Cyril Panin, accused of murdering the Minister of Finance, was sentenced to capital punishment. He's innocent, but there are less than two months out to prove it. There is only one person willing to do anything to save him - his brother Alexei Chernov. Realizing that legally he did not achieve goals, Alex comes up with how to organize the escape of his brother.[1]


Here can be found a list of all episodes of Pobeg:

Blue Glass Arrow Main article: List of Pobeg episodes


The music was done by an unknown composer, however Ramin Djawadi's music from Prison Break was used. Station7 asked him some questions, but he didn't react, so it's possible that he didn't know from it.




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