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The article tagged with the good article banner should to correspond with the following:


  • If copying from Wikipedia:
  • Be sure to put the 'appearances' section at the bottom under a 'behind the Scenes heading'
  • A must - put a decent summarative summary on the top of the article! Delete the unneeded information like this: Agent Paul Kellerman, played by Paul Adelstein, is a fictional character from Fox television series Prison Break.
None of the: who played the character and from what program he/she is from. It's not needed as were on the Prison Break wiki.
  • Change the headings: Season 1 and Season 2 headings to something else to do with the story
  • Make the headings and some text seem like real life... make it more personal but informitve at the same time.
  • Keep in mind people want to come to this site for information
  • Look to the John Abruzzi page for the near-perfect example.

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