Prison Break quinn
Biographical information

Nestor Pollack





Cause of death:

Dies of thirst and
starvation after being
pushed into a well
by L.J. Burrows and
the well being
covered by Paul

Physical description





First appearance:

Sleight of Hand

Last appearance:


Episode count:


Other information
Created by:

Nick Santora

Portrayed by:

Michael Gaston

Quinn was an assassin sent to take over the job from Kellerman and Hale after they weren't able to kidnap LJ.


Season 1Edit

Quinn was an assassin from "The Company", put in charge of supervising agents Paul Kellerman and Daniel Hale. Seemingly careless and neurotic, Quinn is actually observant, intelligent, and ruthless. His attempt to obtain information from Nick Savrinn, Veronica Donovan and L.J. fails and he ends up at the bottom of a well. After Agents Kellerman and Hale arrive, they respond by pulling a cover over the well and leaving him there to die. Quinn's body is still there weeks later when Veronica, LJ, and Nick return to recover his cell phone for information.


Nick, Veronica and LJ discovered that Quinn still had his mobile cell phone and thus they were taking his phone, while LJ discovered that 'KELLERMAN/O. KRAVECKI' was on the wall. Indicating that he had, as revenge, named the man that left him there to die when he could have saved him. Nick decided to leave his corpse there to rot.

This eventually led in the split up of Veronica's group: Nick captured Veronica, but drops her off in a taxi to Terrence Steadman's house, which eventually led to her death in the beginning of season 2. Nick and his father were killed by John Abruzzi's henchman and LJ was captured and arrested by the police after breaking in and entering Paul Kellerman's house.



  • Quinn was aware of the fact that Nick Savrinn didn't appear to help Veronica Donovan, since that wasn't his "job" to do. He likely located the conversations between Nick and John Abruzzi, since he was a Company assassin. Nick was helping Veronica Donovan as a spy for John Abruzzi.
  • Quinn can also be seen to be indirectly killed by Veronica, since she was standing on the trap for Quinn and jumped away after LJ threw Quinn in the well, leading to his death.

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