Ralph Becker

Current Status:   Deceased
First appearance:   Just Business
Last appearance:   Killing Your Number
Manner of Death:   Shot by Benjamin Miles Franklin
Episode count:  
Portrayed by:   Ralphael Sbarge

Ralph Becker was a Company operative and the personal bodyguard and hitman of the General. When T-Bag was holding Rita Morgan and her daughter hostage, Becker, posing as a bible salesman, asked to be let in. T-Bag immediately distrusted him and tied him up. Becker and Rita begged T-Bag not to kill him, and T-Bag was convinced after Becker repeated a passage from the bible. After telling Rita and her daughter to run, T-Bag let him free, only to be knocked unconscious and taken to The Company. He later strangled Stuart Tuxhorn to death on General Jonathan Krantz's orders. And tasked to track Scofield and Burrows when they try to deliver Scylla to Kellerman. He's finally killed by C-Note sent by Kellerman to help the brothers.

Ralph Becker is posing himself as bible salesman


Season 4Edit



  • Despite not trusting Ralph in the beginning, T-Bag and Ralph became allies after T-Bag was captured by Ralph.
  • Ralph is the only person who died in Krantz's penthouse along with another Company operative.
  • Ralph is also the only confirmed named character killed by C-Note.

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