Redemption is a major theme in Prison Break, it was confirmed that redemption will have a much important role in Season 3.

Picture Character Season Episode
Pb father Aldo Burrows 1 1x14
He felt that what the Company was doing is wrong and decided to help his children escaping from death many times.
250px-Pb sara tancredi Sara Tancredi 1 1x16
Sara used to be a junkie, but she later got rid of it and served in Fox River as a prison doctor.
Prison Break 108 Daniel Hale 1 1x16
He was sorry for what he had done for the Company and decided to help Veronica about the conspiracy.
Prison Break 109 Theodore Bagwell 1 1x16
He told Susan Hollander that after he met her, the evil side of himself has gone as he is in love with her. Later in season 2, T-Bag found Hollander, he asked her if she loved him. Hollander said "no" reluctantly and T-Bag let her go unharmed.
Abruzzi John Abruzzi 1 1x19
After being attacked by T-Bag, he became a religious man and was sorry for what he had done. It is still unsure whether if he really felt that way or simply to convince Michael getting him out of the jail.
1213 Nick Savrinn 1 1x22
Hired by Abruzzi to keep an eye on Veronica, he felt sorry and let Veronica go. He was later shot dead by Abruzzi's man.
Pb amahone Alexander Mahone 2 2x19
After Sara asked what medicine Mahone is taking, Mahone confess to Sara about his reluctant choice of capturing Michael.
S1scofield Michael Scofield 2 2x20
Michael is sorry for breaking out with T-Bag and thus tried to locate and turn him in.
Pb kellerman Paul Kellerman 2 2x21
Kellerman was sorry for what he has done and tried to suicide. However the gun jammed and Kellerman survived to be the testimony for Sara.
Recurring Themes
Redemption · Music · Slangs

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