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Current Status:   Alive
First appearance:   Prison Break - The Conspiracy (Game)
Last appearance:   Prison Break - The Conspiracy (Game)
Portrayed by:  
Unknown voice actor (Spanish)

Special Agent Richardson is a Company operative who appeared during the events of Prison Break - The Conspiracy (Game).


Prison Break - The Conspiracy Edit

Special Agent Richardson was a Company operative sent in Fox River to contact and interrogate Agent Paxton (about his mission), this last works deep undercover in the Fox River State Penitentiary. Richardon and fellow operative Special Agent Bates both introduced themselves to Bellick as officer of the Department of Correction in order to hide their real identity.They soon find Tom Paxton in the sewers of the Prison after a brutal fight with Abruzzi'goons and asked him why Burrows his still alive, claiming that Mannix has sent Turk to support him in his task. Richardson quickly threaten him to kill Burrows very soon otherwise he (Paxton) will leave the Prison in a box. Richardson and Bates then leave the Prison and Paxton realize that he have been set up by Mannix since the beginning.



  • It's very odd that Bates and Richardson have found Paxton in the boiler room immiedatally as they have never visited the prison and cannot be aware of Paxton's location.
  • Both Richardson and Bates wears the same outfit as Paxton and Mannix in the intro, which is a blooper.

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