Rizzo Green
Rizzo Green

Current Status:   Alive
First appearance:   1x2
Last appearance:   1x22
Portrayed by:   Mark Morettini

Rizzo Green was a Corrections Officer at Fox River State Penitentiary. He is usually stationed in the medical wing where he has been knocked unconscious twice, once during the riot set of by Michael Scofield, when he was one of the C.O`s taken hostage when the riot erupted and then again on the night of the escape by T-Bag.


Season 1Edit

When Rizzo heard that a riot has begun, he asked over his radio if A wing needed help. He was told that A wing had been shut down and evacuated and to stay in B wing. Shortly after he was attacked by a group of convicts and handcuffed to a metal pole. Later on he is forced by a convict to radio base telling them that sickbay is all clear. This assures the Warden that Sara Tancredi is safe when he is being questioned by the governor Frank Tancredi

In the second to last episode he is guarding Lincoln, after the group rescue Lincoln, Rizzo is knocked out by T-Bag and his cuffs taken. In the next episode he is shown again before the Warden enters Dr Sara Tancredi`s room being checked out by a doctor.


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