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This article covers a subject that has been deemed non-canon by either the author or the Prison Break licensees, and thus should not be taken as a part of the "real" Prison Break universe.

You may be looking for her counterpart in the show.

Sara Tancredi

Current Status:   Alive
First appearance:   Prison Break - The Conspiracy (Game)
Last appearance:   Prison Break - The Conspiracy (Game)
Portrayed by:  
Unknown voice actor (English)

Sara Tancredi is a character who appears in Prison Break - The Conspiracy (Game).



Raised in Chicago, Sara Tancredi's ambitions to be a doctor began when she was very young. While at Northwestern University, she was introduced to the works of Mahatma Gandhi and decided to become a humanitarian, which later influenced her decision to work at Fox River State Penitentiary. She has also won at least one Humanitarians Award. (1x1) Another factor which contributed to her occupational choice was her past morphine addiction. (1x16) At 29 years old, Dr. Sara Tancredi was one of the few doctors working at Fox River. Her chosen occupation became a constant source of stress for her father. Sara is the only child of the Governor of Illinois, Frank Tancredi. Due to her father's hectic political career and vastly differing beliefs, Sara did not have a close relationship with her father. Her mother is already dead. (2x7)

Prison Break - The Conspiracy

Sara met Michael Scofield when he was brought to the infirmary from the yard. Sara then said that she didn't want to insult Michael if it's not needed. Later she was seen when Paxton and Patoshik were at the sick bay. First she helped Paxton, but then came Patoshik, who was poisoned by Paxton. Sara was putting a table in front of a door during the Big Riot. Sara was seen with John Abruzzi, who she brough with Correction Officers to a helicopter.


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