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This are all the events of Sara Tancredi during season 4.

Season 4Edit


It was revealed that Sara escaped from Gretchen and her death was a ploy. She went to Chicago and went to Bruce Bennett to hide her from The Company. When Bennett bails out Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows, he brings them to Sara where she and Michael, who thought Sara was dead, reunite. They hid in the motel and Michael tells Sara about a possible deal to bring down The Company in exchange for their freedom. Michael sees the scars on Sara's back as the result of Gretchen's torture. Suddenly, the safe house was attacked by The Company hit man Wyatt Mathewson and Michael called Homeland Security agent Don Self that they have the deal to bring down the company.

Sara joins Michael and Lincoln, as well as Fernando Sucre, Bradley Bellick and Alexander Mahone, to covertly bring down the company as they board the plane to head for Los Angeles.

Breaking and EnteringEdit

Shut DownEdit

Eagles and AngelsEdit

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Blow OutEdit

Five The Hard WayEdit

The PriceEdit

Greatness AchievedEdit

The LegendEdit

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Deal or No DealEdit

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Going UnderEdit

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