Sasha Murray
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Current Status:   Alive
First appearance:   2x15
Last appearance:   2x16
Portrayed by:   Kaley Cuoco

Sasha Murray (portrayed by Kaley Cuoco) was a teenage girl who asked Haywire to buy her and her boyfriend, Matt, beer. He later ends up showing her the raft he is building and how he plans to sail away. Sasha says she wishes she could too. Haywire notices a bruise on her arm, and Sasha tells him that her father is an alcoholic. Haywire later follows her home and when her father is about to beat Sasha. Haywire beats her father to death protecting her. Bellick later questions her and since she has feelings for Haywire she tells Bellick that they should leave him alone.


Season 2Edit

She appeared in the episodes The Message and Chicago.


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