Say Davis

Current Status:   Alive
First appearance:   Prison Break - The Conspiracy (Game)
Last appearance:   Prison Break - The Conspiracy (Game)
Portrayed by:   David Anthony Pizzuto [1]

Say Davis was a C.O. in Fox River State Penitentiary. He was mentioned by another C.O. in Prison Break - The Conspiracy (Game).


Prison Break - The ConspiracyEdit

Say Davis was first seen bringing the new people to the prison along with Jones. He also talked with one of the workers about the inmates who say they are in Iraq. He was also briefly seen with Brad Bellick at the time Agent Bates and Agent Richardson came. Later he was mentioned if he did something in this century by an unknown agent. Say Davis was also there, when John Abruzzi and Jack Mannix came to Fox River. He, however brought Abruzzi back in prison, while Jones was going with Jack Mannix so that he could about his daughter. He was also watching a football game along with Smith.


Notes and referencesEdit

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