The United States Secret Service are a government organization of highly trained federal agents assigned to serve and protect the President, Vice President and VIPs. Paul Kellerman, Daniel Hale and Tom Paxton were Secret Service Agents. It is also a secret intelligence agency affiliated with the President Caroline Reynolds.

Season 1Edit

The Secret Service became corrupt after Caroline Reynolds was elected Vice President because she secretly made devastating decisions which only benefited the company she was working for at
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Secret Service Headquarters in Washington

the price of ruining the lives of many innocent people. She instructed Paul Kellerman and his partner Daniel Hales to frame Lincoln Burrows for the murder of her brother Terrence Steadman for two reasons: so she will get a political advantage and a significantly higher popularity from the Citizens of America and for The Company to get back at one of their greatest enemies: Aldo Burrows. This goal was unsuccessful and also took the lives of many innocent people such as Lisa Rix, Adrian Rix, and Lucasz Peshcopi.
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Paul Kellerman's office

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Kellerman inspecting Veronica's apartment to find personal information then blackmail her

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Lisa Rix's funeral, The Secret Service killed her and sadly framed her son L.J.