"Served Cold"

Breakout Kings






29 April 2012

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Damien (Jason Behr) has upped the psychotic ante with the Breakout Kings, and now it's personal. Still barred from working on the Damien case, the Kings do what they need to do to bring their nemesis down. In the end, the team will be faced with an impossible choice.[1]



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Nick Santora
Nick Santora along with Jimmi Simpson and Domenick Lombardozzi.
  • This episode and the previous episode appeared as back-to-back episodes and has the shortest time as 2 Breakout Kings episodes.
    • This episode appears directly after the other episode as a storyline in as a whole.
  • This marks the only time an episode is focused for the second time on a main villain who escaped. Damien Fontleroy escaped in An Unjust Death and had been on the run since that.
    • This also marks the longest time a main villain is on the run (discounting at the time that T-Bag was on the run; 23 episodes in Season 1 and 2 and 24 episodes on the run in Season 4, because he wasn't a main villain at that time in Breakout Kings) - for 13 episodes.
    • This also marks the only time that a Breakout Kings main villain has been on the run for a whole season (again discouting T-Bag; see note above).
  • This marks the only time that a Breakout Kings main villain who was caught in a previous episode appears in the next episode: Max Morris (Damien wasn't caught and T-Bag wasn't a Breakout Kings main villain in Prison Break).
  • Nick Santora appears a police officer and talks face-to-face with Ray. This was high likely done for the fans, because they were various times called as "brothers".
    • This also marks his second appearance during a show which involved Nick Santora.
    • It's also the only time that a co-creator from the show appears in the show.
  • This marks the second time that Charlie appears in a picture. The first time was in Round Two.

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