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Current Status:   Alive
First appearance:   Prison Break - The Conspiracy (Game)
Last appearance:   Prison Break - The Conspiracy (Game)
Portrayed by:  
Unknown voice actor 1 (English)
Unknown voice actor 2 (English)
Unknown voice actor 3 (English)
Unknown voice actor 4 (English)
Unknown voice actor 5 (English)
Unknown voice actor 1 (Deutch)
Unknown voice actor 2 (Deutch)
Unknown voice actor (French)

Smith is an Corrections Officer who worked at Fox River State Penitentiary. He appeared in Prison Break - The Conspiracy (Game).



Smith was made at some point in his life an Corrections Officer in Fox River, where he was going to work for Henry Pope. Smith met at some point a guy, which he according to Battaglia liked.

Prison Break - The Conspiracy

Smith brought Michael back to his cell. Smith was searching for someone when he turned out the light and can be seen here. Smith also brought Paxton to John Abruzzi for PI, after the big riot. Smith was also mentioned on the roof to turn on the lights. Smith was also talking with Battaglia about a guy in the storage area. Smith revealed to Lincoln Burrows that he's being moved to the infimary. Smith was seen by Tom Paxton with Say Davis watching television.



  • He watched a football game with his friend Davis.
  • It's unknown of Smith has a mustache or not. He has a mustache at the time with Battaglia, but not at other parts of the game.
  • It's unknown of Smith likes guys. Since he reacted angry, it's possible not. But since Battaglia talked about "the guy", it could be that he likes guys.
  • Smith is the second character with Daylor to have 2 Deutch voice actors.
  • Smith has portrayed by 4 English voice actors. You can all hear the differences between them.
  • Only 1 chapter had Smith a mustache, making this the only time that he had a mustache in the game. Because of this and that he has been named Smith, it's 100 procent sure that it's the same Smith.
  • Smith is not a main character and appeared only in this game, making him a special character with having 5 voice actors for 1 character.
  • Smith along with Jones are the names of two 24 characters during season 5.

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