Kuame "Stroker"
Biographical information

2005, Fox River



Cause of death:

Shot by CPD sniper

Incarcerated in:

Fox River

Physical description





First appearance:

Riots, Drills and the Devil,
Part 1

Last appearance:

Riots, Drills and the Devil,
Part 2

Episode count:


Other information
Created by:

Nick Santora

Portrayed by:

Kwame Amoaku

"Stroker", real name: Kuame, was an aggressive black inmate who was seen residing within the medical center of Fox River.


Upon hearing of the riot in C-Block, he and the other inmates in the medical center began to cheer and even pondered on breaking out themselves. In fact, shortly after the riot started, Stroker did get free and so did many of the other inmates. The first thing he tried to do was rape Sara Tancredi. After he viciously started to strangle her, Sara fought back and locked herself within a medical office. Stroker and his friends spent the rest of the time trying to break through the near bullet-proof windows to go kill the doctor.

Just as they were about to break through, Michael arrived through an air vent and rescued her. From that point on, they continued to follow the two until they arrived on the outskirts of the prison. Michael told Sara to duck and get out of the prison so she could elude Stroker, but she didn't want to because a CPD sniper would shoot Michael in the forehead. Stroker arrived at this moment and Sara finally got outside, escaping Stroker unharmed. Michael was also unharmed; he ducked before the sniper shot him in the forehead. Stroker, on the other hand, was the unlucky one. The CPD sniper inadvertently shot him in the chest instead and killed him.



  • Unlike most black inmates, he is not racially motivated/influenced as seen during the riot when he leads Theo and other inmates through the prison who are black and white.

Behind the scenes

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