Susan Hollander
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  • PB: 1, 2
  • BK: 1
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Brother's Keeper

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The Bag Man
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K.K. Dodds

Susan Hollander is the woman T-Bag falls in love with before she finds out that he is a criminal and turns him in to the police.




Season 2Edit

When she comes to visit him at Fox River he promises her he will remember her the day he gets out. When T-Bag breaks out he finds her old house empty after she has moved out when she heard that he had escaped from Fox River(Unearthed, Ep 09). However he finds her new home later and kidnaps Susan and her two children.

Season 1Edit

T-Bag discovered Susan, because Denise gave him her location. T-Bag then said that nice women are hard to find. He then opened the door and Zack and Gracey were happy to see him. After watching TV, Susan went to take the gun from the drawer but T-Bag had initially seen her being nervous around the drawer, so he already had the gun. T-Bag then took the Hollander family with him. After a few stressful days, T-Bag explains that he loves her and that he wants to change, but she is says that she is adamant that she can't love him back. T-Bag leaves Susan and her family behind at his old child-hood home in Alabama and later reports it to the police to find them. He is then later seen crying after he finally let her go.

Breakout KingsEdit

After the breakout of T-Bag, the Breakout Kings thought that he was going to Susan. Instead, he was going to his mother, Audrey Bagwell.


Prison Break universeEdit

Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit

Breakout Kings universeEdit

Season 1Edit


  • Susan means "lily" or "lotus" which are both flowers. In the first episode in which she appears, T-Bag gives her flowers.
  • Hollander either means "absorb water" or "a native of Holland".[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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