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Current Status:   Alive
First appearance:   Pilot
Last appearance:   Manhunt
Portrayed by:   Laura Wade

Syd is a female tattoo artist who tattooed Michael's tattoo.


Season 1

She seemed to have quite a lot of customers who appreciated her work. She is unaware of the hidden meaning in Michael's tattoo, which Michael made himself with the blue print of the Fox River State Penitentiary mixed with pictures of other things so it wouldn't be noticeable that Syd put the blue print on Micheal. When Michael was getting his tattoo, she said that usually people start with something smaller than a full-body tattoo, like Mom or girlfriends initials. This tattoo took 200–400 hours to do and costed lot of money. (1x1)

Season 2

At the first episode of the second season, Manhunt, Alexander Mahone questions Syd about Michael's tattoo and why she did it. After then he realized that the tattoos were markers of the whole plan of Michael's to get his brother out of Fox River and along with some other wanted men to help them escape.

Indirect kills by Syd

Although she never killed anyone, she is indirectly responsible for many deaths around the show.

Blue Glass Arrow Main article: Syd/Indirect kills



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