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Background informationEdit

Aldo Burrows and Christina Rose Scofield both worked for a multi-national corporation known as The Company. Later, when a colleague of Burrows passes away, he adopts his three-year-old son, Lincoln. After a couple of years the couple have a son named Michael, but before he's born, his father leaves. Because Aldo Burrows leaves, Christina Scofield names her son Michael Scofield instead of Michael Burrows. Not long after, Christina gets a malignant form of brain cancer and dies, leaving Michael and Lincoln in a foster home. As they grow older, Lincoln gets into plenty of fights while Michael goes through school. Lincoln sees so much potential in Michael that he borrows ninety grand from a guy to get his brother to college where he becomes a structual engineer. When Lincoln can't repay the man who lent him ninety grand, he agrees to do a favour for him. He is coerced to kill Terrance Steadman, the president's brother otherwise he's son, L.J. Burrows will be killed. However, when Linc arrives to kill Steadman, he's already dead. The Company, it turns out, set him up due to the fact that his father, Aldo Burrows, started working against them. Linc is wrongfully convicted and sentenced to the death row.

Season 1Edit

Michael believes that Linc is innocent and robs a bank to get himself into Fox River State Penitentary where his brother is sentenced to die and break him out of prison. They successfully escape with the help of Dr. Sara Tancredi.

Season 2Edit

Eventually, Michael and Sara get together and Sara becomes pregnant.

Season 4Edit

Months later, when Michael, Sara, and Linc are searching for Scylla (The Company's black book) for the full exoneration of their crimes, they discover that Christina Scofield is alive. After Michael refuses to give up Scylla, Christina attempts to shoot him, but Sara shoots her before she can kill Michael.


  • This is the only family who appeared in every episode of Prison Break.