Theodore Bagwell
Number of Victims 31
Status Alive
Reason Due to his abusive home life, this morphed into him into what he was and started his spree of violence.
Modus Operandi
Tools/Weapons Gun, knife, hands, poison.
Killing Method Uses multiple, very violent ways, slitting throats, strangling people, and shooting people.
Being a sociopath.

Theodore Bagwell killed a lot of people during the series. For his killings, he has been seen at the one of the biggest main villains during the series. Ironically enough, T-Bag some times pointed a gun at someone, but didn't kill at all. Also ironic is the fact that T-Bag used a gun from a Guard and killed the driver's guard with it. According to critics, T-Bag has been seen by this as one of the best villains on-screen.



Picture Name Episode Number Manner of death Information
Female 1
Female 2
Female 3
Female 4
Female 5
Female 6
Male 7
Male 8
Male 9
Male 10
Male 11
Male 12
Unknown status Unidentified Fox River Inmate Allen 13 Throat slit by T-Bag. This black Inmate neck was broken by T-Bag. He did felt to death immedaility afterwards.
Pb hudson Bob Hudson Riots, Drills and the Devil, Part 2 14 Stabbed by T-Bag.
Normal ep202 097 Marvin Gudat Otis 15 Injected by T-Bag.
M Roy Geary Bolshoi Booze 16
Normal prisonbreak 213 079 Denise The Killing Box 17
Normal ep218 092 Erik Stammel Wash 18 Bludgeoned by T-Bag.
Normal ep220 087 Chi Chi Panama 19 Strangeled by T-Bag.
Flora Flora Fin Del Camino 20 Shot by T-Bag.
Normal 301-451 Juan Nieves Good Fences 21 Suffocated by T-Bag.
LecheroFace Lechero The Art of the Deal 22 Suffocated by T-Bag. This is the only death committed by T-Bag on a victim that wanted to die.
Normal 401-799 Sancho Breaking and Entering 23 Pushed on a rock by T-Bag. This is the only death committed by T-Bag that was accidental.
Bscap0063 Vincent Sandinsky S.O.B. 24 Shot by T-Bag. This is T-Bag's final death in the Prison Break series.
Bag Man 1 Guard The Bag Man 25
Bag Man 2 The driver's guard The Bag Man 26
Arthur Bradshaw The Bag Man 27
The Bag Man 28
Bag Man 6 Wayne Garrett The Bag Man 29
Bag Man 9 Lorraine Rome The Bag Man 30
Bag Man 7 Rodney Johnson The Bag Man 31

Responsible kills

Picture Name Episode Number Manner of death Information
Octavio Octavio Boxed In 1 Beaten up by Brad Bellick


Prison Break universe

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Breakout Kings universe


Season Kill Numbers
Season Kills
Before Season 1 12
Season 1 2
Season 2 6
Season 3 2
Season 4 2
Breakout Kings 7
Total 32
  • Theodore Bagwell killed the most people of the main characters with a count of 31 (although he possibly killed 1244 people off-screen), followed by Alexander Mahone with 19.
  • Bagwell killed 17 people off-screen, the most of all.
  • T-Bag killed the most females of any character with 4: Flora, Chi Chi, Denise and Lorraine Rome.
    • Flora, Denise and Lorrianne's death was never revealed.
    • T-Bag could being seen strangling Chi Chi to death.
  • T-Bag along with Bellick killed in both Fox River and Sona.
  • Cheo, Sammy, World, Sapo, Papo, Cyrus, Cristobal, Unidentified Sona Inmate (II), another unidentifed Sona Inmate (II) and Marcel are the only Sona inmates who weren't killed by T-Bag.
    • T-Bag, however did want to kill Sammy, because he hated him so much.
    • The Sona inmates before T-Bag was in prison weren't count.
    • Michael was killed by electricity (although indirectly by T-Bag) and Whistler was shot by Wyatt Mathewson (although indirectly killed by T-Bag).
    • Also count the Sona inmates who were seen in the episode Sona.
  • T-Bag has the highest killcount in a single-episode: The Bag Man with 7 kills.
  • T-Bag is the only main character who has killed each season at least 1 person.
  • Lechero and Denise were both killed in the 13th episode.
  • There was an episode-absence of 16 episodes between the death of Bob Hudson and Marvin Gudat and an episode-absence of 17 episodes between the deaths of Sancho and Vincent Sandinsky.
  • Season 1 is the only season without a kill from T-Bag who appeared in a season premiere, although he slashed the throat of John Abruzzi, who appeared in a premiere.
  • The Season 3 final is the only final in which T-Bag kills someone.

Behind the scenes

  • As with many of the bullet wounds in Breakout Kings, when the guard was shot in the Medical Transport Van he was rigged with a "squib". A squib is a soft packet of fake blood that is connected to a small explosive charge. When detonated, the squib creates the illusion of a bullet wound.
  • To create the effect that T-Bag had tortured Wayne by screwing various objects into his torso, the actor wore a Special Effects vest beneath his wardrobe. The various gadgets were then secured directly into the vest.[1]

Notes and references

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