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Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell
Biographical information

T-Bag (In Fox River)



Incarcerated in:

Fox River

Physical description



Theodore Bagwell's gang



Prison Break:
The Conspiracy

First appearance:

Chapter 1

Last appearance:

Chapter 9

Chapter count:






Other information
Portrayed by:

Robert Knepper

Voice actors:

Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell is a character who appears in Prison Break - The Conspiracy (Game). He escaped with the other members of the Fox River Seven from Fox River.




Theodore Bagwell was born on 8 August 1959 and of both incest and rape; his father had sexually assaulted his Down syndrome-afflicted sister, who later gave birth to Theodore. Ever since he was young, Bagwell was constantly in and out of jail, often for vandalism and torturing animals. While in fourth grade, he attempted to set his teacher's house on fire and was sentenced to juvenile hall. During this time, he became a member of the Alliance for Purity, a fictional white supremacist group. As an adult, Bagwell started committing more serious crimes such as battery, assault, attempted murder, murder, rape, and kidnapping. He is bisexual and has sexual interests ranging from young teenagers to adults.

Prison Break - The Conspiracy

Roy Geary asked Paxton if he would fight with T-Bag or going to the SHU. Paxton did met T-Bag after making a deal with Geary. Paxton start to fight with T-Bag, which Paxton did win. T-Bag was then brought to the SHU by Geary. Paxton later fought again to T-Bag. Paxton did win and did run away. When John Abruzzi was attacked by T-Bag, he was brought to a helicopter by Sara. T-Bag was seen talking with C-Note. T-Bag said that Officer Geary was auctioning cell 40. T-Bag was then seen with Scofield, Abruzzi, Sucre, Westmoreland and C-Note. They were going via cell 40 escaping. T-Bag escaped from Fox River with Michael, Sucre, Lincoln, Westmoreland, Abruzzi and C-Note. He later becomes one of The Fox River Seven.



  • He's the only member from the Fox River Seven who won't get a child, like Michael, who will get a child or Lincoln, who has a child.
  • Although he in fact didn't appeared in Chapter 2, his voice was heard and thus did make an appearance. Also he was mentioned by a CO in the Game.
  • His killcount is 6, as can be seen in the Game.
  • T-Bag's boyfriend was possibly killed off-screen during the first riot, making T-Bag possibly indirect responsible for the death of Maytag.
    • Also note that an inmate had a screw with him before the riot.

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