Titus Welliver
Titus Welliver
Biographical information

12 March 1961


Scott Carruth

Titus Welliver is the American actor who portrays Scott Carruth.


Early lifeEdit

Titus Welliver was born on 12 March 1961 to Neil Welliver[1] and Norma. Titus is the only son of Neil after of the dead of Eli in 1991 and Silas.


Some shows that Welliver has stared in include:

  • Lost
  • Monk
  • Prison Break
  • Sons of Anarchy
  • The Good Wife
  • Grimm
  • Touch

Personal lifeEdit

Titus Welliver was married to Joanna Heimbold and got 2 sons with her: Eamonn Lorcan Charles, who was born in 20 May 1999 and Quinn, who was born in 2002. Titus now has a relation with Elizabeth W. Alexander with who he has 1 child with: Cora McBride Walling Welliver, who was born in 2006[2].


  • Titus did met Kirk B.R. Woller prior to show[3].
  • Although Titus Welliver (Scott Carruth) and Mark Pellegrino (Patrick Vikan) never appeared on-screen together on Prison Break, they played opposite each other and were a major part of the season 6 storyline of Lost.

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