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John Turk PrisonBreak

Current Status:   Deceased
Crime(s):   (Crimes in prison; unknown)
Sentence:   (Unknown)
Incarcerated in:   Fox River
First appearance:   Riots, Drills and the Devil, Part 1
Last appearance:   Riots, Drills and the Devil, Part 2
Manner of Death:   Fell to His Death/Indirectly killed by Lincoln Burrows
Portrayed by:   John Turk

Turk was an inmate and a Company Operative who was sent in Fox River to kill Lincoln Burrows.



The inmate going by the alias "Turk" was a Company operative sent undercover in Fox River Penitentiary.

Season 1

The inmate going by the alias "Turk" was a Company operative sent undercover to kill Lincoln Burrows. His order came from a Company former operative via Paul Kellerman He found Lincoln on the floor in Fox River after T-Bag and other inmates jumped him and kidnapped Bob Hudson. Turk lead Lincoln down into a hallway full of steamed pipes after he lied to him about the whereabouts of Scofield. Lincoln lost Turk in all the steam and Turk tried to strangle Lincoln using a busted steam pipe as a garrote. Lincoln eventually fought off Turk and he inadvertently shoved him off a high ledge. Burrows tried to interrogate Turk, but he succumbed to his injuries shortly afterwards.

Normal 107-294
Turk's dead body


Personality and traits

Nothing much is seen from Turk's personality apart that he seems firstly friendly to Burrows but have no matter to kill him and is physically truck-builded.


  • The character Turk share the same name of his actor, John Turk.
  • Turk is the first Fox River inmate to be killed a main character, who is also a Fox River inmate: Lincoln Burrows.
  • Turk could never know that T-Bag was starting a riot. He wasn't seen with the group and he was seen from the left side. It's highly impossible that he did know where Lincoln was. The only reason he could know where he was, if an inmate told him where Lincoln was. Another reason could be that was just going through the whole building after he was free.
  • Turk is the first character who attempted to kill Lincoln.

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