Prison Break The Conspiracy was the worst game i ever played especially because you dont play as michael, you play as some fag that i couldnt care less about. If they are going to make a new game they should make you play as the whole cast at certain important parts like when Tbag slit Abruzzis throat you should play as Abruzzi but not play as tom paxton that was the worst idea they ever had in fact tom paxton shouldnt even be in the game. You should also play as Michael for the most part like working on the escape and another thing, they need to put in a lot more money into making it, i could tell that was one low budget game. Besides they will make a lot more money if they make the game exactly like the show and they need to make a game for each season. It should also be a free roam game so you roam the prison and you could start a mission but they would only be available at a certain time(there needs to be a clock on the top left hand corner) in the game so their should be a prison schedual and lights out PI etc. so the game should be similar to the game Bully because in that game you have a class schedual so you only have your spare time to work on the escape except for missions available during PI and they should have different difficulties so easy would let you have infinite amount of time to get out of the prison normal would have a time limit hard would give you less time etc. and i say there should be a time limit to get out of prison because lincs execution is in a few weeks. There should be 5 individual games to complete the story so there should be a game for Prison Break Season 1, Prison Break Season 2, Prison Break Season 3, Prison Break Season 4, and Prison Break The Final Break and i promise it would be alot funner and they would make a lot more money P.S. they should also make the fighting a lot more realistic and a lot better and also make ALL of the characters actually look like the ones off the show and what i was mostly talking was season 1 but all of they games should be similar.

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