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Veratril was a drug Mahone used to prevent the traumatic visons of Oscar Shales. He developed an addiction to Veratril, If he didn't use any for more than 3 days then his mental health will become unstable. In the episode, Good Fences, Mahone experienced paranoia, spasms, agitation and delusions of Charles Patoshik, because he couldn't resupply when he was arrested in Panama. Veratril (referred to as Diazepam in S2:E19 "Sweet Caroline") cause the sensation of "walking underwater" (Mahone).

Prson brk 7
The pen Mahone stored veratril in.

Mahone finally breaks his addiction to Veratril while in Sona.



Season 2Edit

Prson brk 20
Mahone dispenses a veratril pill from his pen

Season 3Edit

Felicia Lang brought veratril to the court house, but threw it away in a garbage bag. Mahone didn't know that Felicia had it with her.


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