The message

Whistler's Message is a message written by Sona inmate Whistler to his girlfriend, Sofia. It reads:

History Edit

After offering some food to Bellick, Whistler told him to give the message to both the World and Michael, knowing that they're going to fight in a dead or alive dual and one of them will die. Sophia poses as one of the dead man's wife, asking the prison guard to bring the dead body out. The drug addict lose the fight, and his body, together with the message, was sent out to be buried and the message was found by Sofia. (3x1)

Michael shows the message to Lincoln, who figured out that "Versailles" refers to Banco de Versailles. In there, he saw Sofia talking to the bank employee Vera Madrid and withdrew a birds guidebook. He manages to took the book from her, only to be demanded back by Susan B. Anthony later. He gave her a fake version of the book, while he himself is keeping the real one. (3x2)

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