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2005, Sona



Cause of death:

Neck broken by Alexander

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Lechero's gang




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Created by:

Paul Scheuring

Portrayed by:

Sala Baker

World is a character who fought against Michael Scofield because apparently, Michael had stolen some stash from World, but was really all staged by Lechero. During the fight, Michael had hit World in the kneecaps which caused another inmate to pass a shank to World. World was then going to use this shank to kill Michael. But it was against the rules so Alexander Mahone finished World off.


Early lifeEdit

World was taken to Sona for 6 life sentences.

Season 3Edit

World and Lechero were looking at each other, to make a set-up so that he could fight with Michael Scofield. Somebody of Lechero's gang placed evidence so that Michael appeared guilty. It could also being World himself, but it's never revealed. Lechero suggests that a fight was the best since one was an addict and the other a thief. Later when Michael was in the arena, Michael didn't want to fight. Michael took Alexander Mahone's advice and kicked World in the kneecaps. The two continued fighting, but an inmate threw a weapon to World. World tried to attack Michael when he turned around, but Alexander Mahone stepped in and broke his neck, saving Michael. Mahone said that World went against the rules by attempting to use a weapon, and repeated what Lechero had said earlier that without rules they were nothing but savages.


Following his death, he was later seen next to Sapo and Marcel. Sophia Lugo found a letter in his pants pocket that was placed by Brad Bellick (who was told to do so by James Whistler).



Blue Glass Arrow Main article: Lechero/Indirect kills
  • Lechero is indirectly responsible for the deaths around Scylla. Because Lechero used World to fight with Michael Scofield, World was later killed by Mahone. Following this, World was outside Sona, where Sophia Lugo found a letter which did lead to the Birds Guidebook. Which eventually led to Scylla.
    • Lechero was also indirect responsible for the death of World, since he was behind the set-up.
  • World, Sapo, and Marcel had all conversations with Sammy Norino before their death.
  • World has the least episode count for someone who is responsible for all the deaths following around the Scylla with 1 along with Vera Madrid.
  • World was shown on a Previously on Prison Break from Good Fences.
  • He, a Company worker and a Sona inmate were all their neck broken by Mahone.
  • World's sentence was 6 times lifelasting[1].
  • World is the first inmate who is killed by a main character in prison directly.

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Orientación: Mentioned by Octavio

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