Zack Hollander is the son of Susan Hollander and the brother of Gracey Hollander.
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Zack Hollander



Zack is a school student who didn't like T-Bag. He is the son of Susan Hollander and the brother of Gracie Hollander

Season 1Edit

The day T-Bag came to visit the family Hollander, Zack wasn't happy about it and stated he didn't like T-Bag. It is unknown why he did not like him. 

Season 2Edit

When T-Bag found the family again, Zack seemed to know something was wrong. He probably knew T-Bag was an escaped prisoner. He later tried to attack T-Bag while T-Bag and Mrs.Hollander were fighting in the kitchen, but T-Bag stopped him and his attack failed. Zack was later free when T-Bag called the police for a hostage situation, and all of them were let out.


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