General Zavala

Current Status:   Deceased
First appearance:   Bang and Burn
Last appearance:   Boxed In
Manner of Death:   Shot by Gretchen Morgan
Portrayed by:   Castulo Guerra

General Zavala succeeded Colonel Escamilla as head of the prison guard of Sona. He was killed by Gretchen Morgan.



General Zavala was a high-ranking member of the law enforcement in Panama. He revealed to Michael that he was the one responsible for arresting Lechero and putting him in Sona.

Season 3Edit

General Zavala succeeded to the former corrupt Colonel Escamilla as head of the prison guard of Sona. Sent to investigate about a large scale escaping attempt, he suspected the notorious Michael Scofield to be responsible. He interrogated Scofield about his role in the evasion and even locked him in a small plastic box under the dangerous sun of Sona in order to make him talk. Michael decided to reveal to him all about the Conspiracy and claimed that he can provide proof in interrogating fellow inmate James Whistler, this last conduct to Company Agent Gretchen Morgan who revealed where Michael's nephew is locked in. Trying to help Scofield out, Zavala was conduct to the place where LJ Burrows is detained and trapped and shot several times by Gretchen.


After his death, General Mestas took his place. Michael commented that Zavala was a good man.

Personality and traitsEdit

Zavala appeared as a middle aged and stoic man as determined with greying hair, contrary to his predecessor he's uncorrupt and believe in justice. Sent to investigate about the recent evasion escape he's shown as a ruthless man who can go to torture bad people (Gretchen Morgan) himself to achieve his objectives. Although seen as a ruthless man he has valuabe goals and when he's told the Conspiracy he went himself to try to save LJ from the Company, showing a brave man. As Michael commented later that Zavala looked like to be a good man.



  • Contrary to his predecessor Zavala wears a LAPD look-like police uniform as the CO wears Panamian typical army gear.
  • Zavala is the only Warden/General to die in Prison Break.
  • On the same day that the episode in which Zavala was killed (Boxed In) aired (January 14, 2008), another character originated by Castulo Guerra was killed on FOX's "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles," in the episode Gnothi Seauton. This character was Enrique Salceda whom Guerra played in the 1991 film Terminator 2: Judgement Day. However, in The Sarah Connor Chronicles, he is played by Tony Amendola.

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